Friday, February 26, 2016

Why I am Not a Feminist Part n+1: Language Idiocy

The issue of trying to change the language to comply with feminist dogma is one I have been fighting since I was thrown out of an early feminist meeting for insisting that trying to change "Men/man" from generic to specific was a huge mistake. I tried to point out that a male pronoun should be created to refer to male humans.  Comparable to "woman" like "heman."  Pronounced hee-man to encourage men to flex proudly and adopt it willingly. 

Feminists are still trying to change historical usage like “All men are created equal”  to “All people are created equal” trashing not only the author but herm meaning as well.  Pretending that Jefferson was not a heman of his time ignores a crucial part of our heritage that has made equal rights for women, minorities, and non-propertied men a major issue for Americans ever since.    

Not incidentally I proposed at the time to create a gender inclusive/neutral pronoun to refer to "men" when gender is not significant.  I proposed hesh and herm and have used them since in my own writing as specifically gender inclusive at first for hemen and women but currently for all gender varieties.  I have found the usage useful when gender of the referent is known but irrelevant.  As in: herm article in a journal or popular publication.  Conceptually thinking of an author as "hesh" is particularly useful in avoiding unconscious gender bias in reading an article.  I generally notice the name of the author only when after reading the article I find the name useful for reference.  This practice is useful whether gender is an issue or not.  I don't have to try to forget the author of a worthless article.  

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