Monday, April 3, 2017

Allocating Chores in a Multi-person Household.

 In our household once the 2 boys were old enough to participate we bid for chores in 1/4 hours. Lowest bid got the chore. Wash, vac, and dust went cheap. Bathrooms and catbox went high. Evening meals including cleanup stabilized at about an hour. Breakfast was high as only one wanted it. Weekend dinners were higher. Bidding ended when everybody had about the same bid hours for chores.

Was this a money transaction?

 Nope hours. Catbox 2hrs. Each dinner 1hr. etc bid until every chore was covered and everybody had same bid hours of chores, which may or may not have had any relationship to hours to do the chore. The catbox was 5 min per day and 10 minutes once a week to change litter, but only one of us wanted to do it. A chore had no time associated with it until bid on.

 Allowances, tuition, lunch money, etc. were basically need based, adults and kids alike.   Unadjusted for incomes which went into the common fund.  


Christine Veazey said...

Thanks for the great idea. It will come in handy in the future, in a commune or a family. Such solutions don't come easy, only after experience and lessons.

J'Carlin said...

It happened almost by accident. The two boys about 8 & 10 complained bitterly about being assigned chores according to their ability. So we broke all chores down into their smallest units, and bid in 1/4 hours for each. Some chores were always left to the youngest who couldn't bid on dinners etc. and hesh asked that some small chores be worth more so hesh didn't have to do them all. Someone suggested that a chore was worth whatever the lowest bid was. When the cat box went for 2 hours instead of 1/2 the youngest knew we had a winning system, and we refined it from there. Both boys learned to cook aceptable dinners very young to avoid laundry and bathrooms which is how laundry came to be the man's chore.

Christine Veazey said...

I'm impressed. This has given me much food for thought.