Monday, October 20, 2014

Douchbag Tax

Many years ago I proposed a tax with the unfortunate acronym of VAST.  Value Added by Status Tax.
In concept it was very simple: For each category of consumption a basic level of value would be established.  A public bus seat mile for transportation, a simple diner for a meal out, a street market for groceries, a basic Ford or Chevy for a car, a Boston Whaler for a boat, etc.  Any vendor charging more than the basic level value would be required to add a substantial tax based on the price paid minus the basic level.  If a family meal out were determined to have a basic value of $10  restaurant charging $25 would be required to charge tax on the extra $15.  A resraurant charging $100 would charge tax on the $90.  The tax would show on the receipt as the VAST tax.  Each category would have its own rate to give politicians something to argue about, with luxury categories taxed at a higher rate. 

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