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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Dualism

 Guest post
I don't know if this is even worth talking about. As far as I can see, dualism is the culprit. It all goes back to dualism. We have the Genesis story of God creating light, then separating light from dark. As far as I'm concerned, light and dark were only metaphors for good and evil even when man thought there was a God that created light. Once God created light he simultaneously created dark.

But I'll move on. From there everything else comes. This world is dark compared to the light worlds, which is is both the Gnostic view and the Christian view. From there, good people are just good (light) and bad people are deplorable (dark) and should be stopped because they threaten to drag all good (light) to the side of dark. If this is what the squabble is all about, why not stop seeing everything as a fight between two opposites. This is how the trouble arose in the first place.

What can replace dualism?

Monday, June 9, 2008

God and dualism.

Don't Stereotype Atheists - Beliefnet Forums: "Until your modern scientific theory of consciousness can explain the presence of God in a group of worshipers, without an immaterial part to explain it, your modern scientific theory is simply scientific BS.

By the way, since there is no God in a Walmart, those spirits that try to connect with God for solace or guidance simply get lost and are doomed to haunt the Wallmart."