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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ridge Runner - The Game.

At one point I had a very nice car that handled like a dream and for its day was very fast. I would occasionally drive from Charlotte NC to NYC and for some reason always ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A beautiful WPA project to bring happiness to fast drivers. The first time I drove it I was lucky and saw the cops. The next time I decided I needed to build responsibility into my fun, and so added some rules. Pedestrians, animals, and bicycles had to be passed at 25mph. Parked cars at the speed limit, pass at no more than 10 over. Other than that, time from one end to the other was the score. Oops. If I screwed up I needed to subtract 30 minutes from the time at the next ranger station for the safety lecture. It really did improve my driving skills, as I had to consider sight lines, and braking distance in everything I was doing.

ONG was that a nice car! '76 Celica.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love rally

Incoming email:
I totally want to quit my day job and drive rally cars
I hope it is a brief illness and passes quickly
especially as I have to be up early for work.


Take a lesson on how to do it right, tune one of those Suburus, find a back road in Idaho and go for it. It is no accident that when I go to Sacto I go past Mt. Hamilton. Kinda hard on the tires, I only get 1-2K of that kind of driving on a set, and I am an old fart that drives "stupid in control" It really pisses me off when I lose my lane.

I used to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway to get back and forth to New York from Charlotte instead of wasting time on the freeway. And it was always possible to find a neat blue road parallel to the fwy for part of any trip.

I bet I could find you a fun way to get to work.

I used to take my Subie the "fun" way to New Paltz every day
That was entertaining
I could get there MUCH faster than you are supposed to

I also used to take it the "fun" way to Big Pond
One time, Barbara called me to go swim with her and said I'd better hurry because she was getting hot up at the lake and didn't want to wait much longer
I got there in 23 minutes and she tore me a new poop shoot
"I didn;t mean THAT fast, Liz!"
That trip should take 45 minutes...

Subies are great, but now I want one with a roll cage!


But just a personal preference, I have always driven so that I didn't need the roll cage. The rules of (Blue) Ridge Runner are:
1. Set the timer,
2. Go.
3. Animals, cyclists and pedestrians passed at no more than 25 mph.
4. Parked cars, driveways, and crossroads passed at exactly the speed limit.
5. Overtake tourists at limit +10%.
6. Any violation of 3,4 or 5 costs you 30 minutes at the next ranger station for the safety lecture.
7. End timer, adjust time for the safety lectures,
8. Record your new personal best.
9. Pay more attention. You can't woolgather driving fast on public roads. You will kill yourself or somebody else.