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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On Those CSI Questionaires

Retweeted John Paczkowski (@JohnPaczkowski):
Some good @ceodonovan here: Nobody Knows What Five Star Ratings Mean. That’s Bad For Gig Workers

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Suzy Thompson
Suzy Thompson Fuck. I hate systems that are designed to force you to be dishonest. In my mind, 5 stars is exceptional and I want to reserve it for only the best experiences. But this is saying that I have to give five stars unless I want to penalize the worker, and there's actually no system to support (or perceived value in) giving high praise. Good to know, but feels like shit. -_-
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Carlin Black
Carlin Black I used to make a good living teaching a FUBAR UI where the CSI rating was Very Satisfied=10, Satisfied=5, Good =3 and downhill from there.
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Carlin Black
Carlin Black If a service provider ever asks for a good survey rating, the only acceptable answers for the individual provider if hesh did a decent job is the highest possible rating. For most systems anything less has serious consequences. You are not being asked your opinion on anything, you are being asked to compensate a service worker.

Carlin Black
Carlin Black You can register your opinion of the institution as you wish on the survey introduction, but when you get to the "Thinking about the person who handled your problem" chances are that pay is directly related to your rating. If they were at least competent just hold your nose and pick the highest rating on all questions. Many times their job hangs on a string of 10s or 5s in a five star rating system.
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