Saturday, July 1, 2017

SCAG Traffic Issues

 Many of the traffic issues in the SCAG area are caused by our suburban neighbors driving to Urban Amenities like Santana Row, Valley Fair, Westfield, the Safeway Shopping Center and the Lyon center. SCAG occupants would walk or cycle if the proposed Urban Corridor on Albany and Kiely is implemented.   
 Another issue is surburban neighbors using the Saratoga I-280 ramps to avoid the problems at Lawrence and Winchester.  Some use basically residential streets like Kiely, Moorpark and Albany as short cuts to the Saratoga ramps causing much of the congestion on Kiely and on the very short merge from Kiely to 280S. Another problem is car dealer test drives by mechanics and sales people on these residential streets. 
 Work  Commuting from the suburbs is also a major problem  for the whole area.
 Restricting SCAG streets except Saratoga and Stevens Creek Boulevard to local traffic, would encourge cycling and walking, both for the SCAG population and the local workers on Stevens Creek, nearby businesses and local residents.  

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