Saturday, August 2, 2008

Indoctrinating our children.

Scripture-quoting tots - Beliefnet Forums: "We all brainwash and indoctrinate our children. It is how we prepare them to live in the society we have chosen to bring them up in. It is necessary and proper that we do so. The alternative is usually a dysfunctional adult.

Fortunately, humans have evolved a powerful trait that causes a pubescent human to at least question if not reject out of hand all of the indoctrination of herm parents. This levens the society, (from baking, creating holes in the structure) to make it more interesting."


Exploringinside said...

The wonderful thing about a free-to-question mind ... there is no boundary that can be imposed to force them to accept unsatisfying responses to their questions; nothing is sacred, just because it is a cow.

J'Carlin said...

I was blessed by parents than never answered my myriad "Why"s with a "Just because."

When I asked my mother "Why do I ask so many why's" I was told "Because you want to know everything." It worked for me when I was about 3, and it still does. Nothing is off limits. Even God beliefs.